Festival Website Case Study.

Case Study: Redesign of a festival website.

For this assignment I have chosen to redesign the Longitude festival website that was recently awarded as the best new Rock and Electronic Festival. The festival takes place over 3 days and is located in Marlay Park in Dublin. The scope of the brief was to redesign the homepage of the website, logo and branding. In addition I designed a small app for the event that will assist festival visitors find the various stages, bars, first aid and toilets based on their geo-location. In addition, they will be able to avail of special promotions by using the festival site map app and engage easily on the social platforms such as Twitter and Periscope:

Redesign Flow

The flow that I followed for this redesign project.

User profile

Initial Sketches, Wireframes, Planning Documents, Style Tiles

Redesign proposal

App flow diagram

Color, Type and Layout


User profile.

User profile.

There doesn’t appear to be an age restriction other than that all under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is 18 years or older. With headlining bands such as the Chemical Brothers (active sine 1989), alt-j (active since 2007)and Hozier (active since 2008) visitors will be diverse, international and mostly aged between 15 – 55. There are quite a few artists with a huge global appeal, which I have taken into consideration re-designing the homepage. I have tried to apply the global appeal to the redesigned logo, layout system and new brand colors. Only recently I discovered that Heineken, one of the major sponsors of the festival are also introducing a global music experience to the festival through their Sound Atlas.

Initial Sketches, Wireframes, Planning Documents, Style Tiles.

Creative design flow.

Initial Sketches of the website

Wireframe of website

Initial sketches of the app

Wireframe of the app

Style Tyle


Redesign proposal.


To ensure consistency in layout we have applied the Bootstrap 3 1170px grid system. This grid system consists of 12 columns. Most of the home page content is centered and fits with 8 columns allowing for some passive “white” space.

Redesign proposal.

Centered text:

Align text to centered works well in this grid system with a small amount of content. More text containers will need to be left aligned.

Redesign proposal.

Call to action (CTA):

Introduce clear call to action with the help of buttons and or clear hyperlinks

Redesign proposal.


I based the new logo on longitudes of the earth. So to come up with a new design I Googled the word longitude and filtered by image search. The research inspired me to design the logo using the globe, the longitudes and the letter L for Longitude. I believe since the festival has a great appearance of global artists it would suit well. To ensure consistency I tried to bring the logo back into the content as well. You will have different variations of the logo in the header, content section and footer. At the moment the logo is white, however can be used with the new brand colors as well. I would suggest not to use the pink on blue background though as with previous mock ups and design this doesn’t work really well..

Color, type and layout.

Color, type and layout:

The color scheme that has been applied is based on Google’s Design Specification The color palette starts with primary colors and fills in the spectrum to create a complete and usable palette for Android, Web, and iOS. Google suggests using the 500 colors as the primary colors in your app and the other colors as accents colors. I have chosen Indigo (blue) as most people would say this is their favorite color. It is also the most popular color in branding. My accent color is pink. Red and pink are analogous colors on the color wheel. The type and layout of the website are based on the Bootstrap 3 responsive framework.



Similar to the choice of color we applied the Google Material Design Specification for the Typography which is Roboto. For our website I believe the various weights were sufficient and there was no need to combine Roboto with another typeface. It’s a clear and optimistic font and has six weights in total. Typeface Roboto Roboto has been refined extensively to work across the wider set of supported platforms. It is slightly wider and rounder, giving it greater clarity and making it more optimistic.

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