6th December 2016


Digital Skills Academy

Creative Director

David Burkhardt


The design challenge:

Create a prototype for a new interface feature. Feature should allow the user to complete a specific goal. Create 3-4 screens with this new feature.

For full documentation click here

Feature could be part of:
• An existing project of the group
• Existing real-world product (e.g. Facebook, Skype etc.)
• A completely new product/feature.

If you would like to create a new feature for an existing product you could consider these:

• WhatsApp
• Skype or Viber
• Opera Browser
• Google Now
• Facebook photo upload feature
• Dating websites
• Meetup
• Netflix

Groups decide whether the UI will be for a mobile/tablet/desktop device and whether it will be a website or an App.

Assessment: Part 1: Create and guerilla test a prototype for a new interface feature.
The prototype

Present your prototype (mock-up) by saving the (3-4) screens and place them in a pdf file.
It is required to have at least 2 screens mock-up-quality, the other 1 or 2 screens should
simply be hi-fi wireframes.

Include in your document low-fi wireframes and pre- work used to develop the prototype. Include in your document one page that has 5-7 bullet points in which you provide evidence for the design decisions you have made along the way.

The design challenge: Part 2: Guerilla test your interface feature Provide evidence of guerilla testing including the following for a test:
• An example script
• Example questions
• A post-test questionnaire
• A Guerrilla Testing report

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