Lean UX.


22nd August 2017

Lean UX.

UX Design Challenge


I challenged myself to take on a UX Design challenge and decided to apply a Lean UX approach. Drop me a note and let me know what you think?

Here is a full documentation of the UX challenge.

Browse through some of my Videography work

I enjoy producing videos, being it either a presentation pitch for a new product, developing a short video for a product or service or showcasing some of my degree video projects. I am keen to get into drone videography so all in all it is a more a hobby at the moment.

David Burkhardt Design - Videography

‘If a Million People See My Movie, I Hope They See a Million Different Movies.’

Quentin Tarantino

More about Quentin Tarantino Home.

What ever happened to Google Glass?

As part of a research piece into new technology trends we had a closer look at Google Glass. The video was part of a presentation to a group of 50 other Digital Design, Technology and Innovation participants. At the end of the presentation we asked who would wear Glass and only one person in the room said that they would wear Glass in the future. It shows how important it is to start rapid prototyping and surveying and interviewing potential users early in your product development.

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